Jerry Lamont Smith






I began designing woven fabrics in 1988, two years after completing my undergraduate degree in fine arts. In nearly thirty years as a jacquard designer, I have increasingly come to enjoy the close integration of my artistic skills with those aspects of the process which are more technical in nature. In my current position as a Director of Product Development for Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills, I am afforded many opportunities to utilize these varied skills, and to facilitate and assist other designers in addressing these issues in their own work.




July, 2003 - Present

WEARBEST SIL-TEX - Garfield, New Jersey and New York, New York
Director Of Product Development

Hired July 2003 as Senior Designer:  

In addition to work in all facets of technical design of jacquard fabrics, other responsibilities commensurate with Senior position included assisting the Director of Product Development in any necessary capacity, as well as having closer interaction with stylists and other designers at all levels of the design and development process.

Trained and experienced in the use of the JacqCAD Design system.


Promoted October 2004 to Director Of Product Development:

Assumed responsibility for overseeing all aspects of planning, coordinating, and delegating design work within the Product Development department; hiring, training and managing departmental employees; consulting with stylists to continually evaluate both immediate and ongoing priorities in order to establish an efficient and effective work flow; diagnosing, troubleshooting, and rectifying any technical design issues that arise; and otherwise managing any and all aspects of the development process, design team, and studio.


January, 1990 - July, 2003

WEAVE CORPORATION - Denver, Pennsylvania
Jacquard Designer

Extensive experience in all aspects of technical design of woven fabrics, including scanning and editing artwork, creation and application of weaves, generation of loom files, and critique of woven samples.

Experienced on all generations and versions of EAT DesignScope CAD software, up to and including EAT Victor.

Beta - tester for each new generation of EAT CAD software.

CAD trainer for new design department employees.

Assisted in the development of tapestry product.

Lead designer for second studio shift 1990 - 1992.


January, 1988 - December, 1989

COLLINS & AIKMAN HOME FABRICS - Concord, North Carolina
Jacquard Design Technician

Trained in the technical design of jacquard fabrics on pointpaper (graph paper), without the use of CAD systems.

Developed weave libraries, with concentration in tapestry weaves.

Manually altered loom cards to correct mistakes or problems in woven samples.





Experience in testing new software and equipment for evaluation purposes.

Experience with both Windows and Macintosh computer platforms.

High aptitude for learning, assimilating, and applying technical information.

Good organizational and communication skills, especially with regard to technical information.

Experience training new employees in software applications and in departmental processes and practices.




Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree (BFA Equivalent)
Concentration in Painting and Drawing


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