Music Of The Month: April 2024

Anoushka Shankar Chapter II: How Dark It Is Before Dawn

Several good records caught my attention in April. Khruangbin released A LA SALA (everything I’ve read has it in all caps, so I’m doing the same), and it’s exactly what I want in a new Khruangbin record. Ditto the new Phosphorescent album, Revelator

I’m also enjoying Name Your Sorrow, the latest from Irish indie rockers Pillow Queens. Before this release, their third, I had not heard of them, but this one makes me want to go back and check out the other two. Solid tunes with lots of fuzzy guitars, good hooks, and tight vocal harmonies. What else do you need?

The icing on the April cake for me, though, is Anoushka Shankar’s Chapter II: How Dark It Is Before Dawn. The second of a proposed three-EP series, Chapter II is much more atmospheric than the previous release (Chapter I: Forever, For Now). These six tracks often border on, and even cross, the line into ambient music. Lots of drones and sampling create various soundscapes which present the sitar from different perspectives in each piece; sometimes in the forefront, sometimes in a supporting role. All of it works beautifully. This record is simply gorgeous.

Get some music in your ears, everybody!