Music Of The Month: June 2024

Wilco Hot Sun Cool Shroud

Tough to pick a favorite June release. Oliver Wood’s Fat Cat Silhouette could just as easily have gotten the nod. All the elements we want to hear in an Oliver Wood project are here in full force. Bluesy riffs, infectious rhythms. If you’ve enjoyed his previous record, Always Smilin’, or if you’re a fan of The Wood Brothers, then you’re also going to like this record.

But I’m picking the new Wilco EP for kind of the opposite reason: whereas I didn’t particularly care for their previous (full-length) album, Cousin, I’m really loving Hot Sun Cool Shroud. For me, these six songs — two of which are instrumentals — pack more punch and make more of a musical statement than Cousin was able to muster in ten tracks. Catchy guitar hooks, good melodies, interesting lyrics, and the jaggedness of the aforementioned instrumentals add up to a tasty little hit of pop pleasure.

Get some music in your ears, everybody!